Sunnyside Elementary (Eaglewood Drive and Fort Sackville)

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abboud, Laura Grade 2 FI
Bennett-Chiasson, Tracy Grade 2 FI
Boudreau, Leah Grade Primary FI
Boudreau, Tina Grade 6 FI
Bramwell, Lindsay Grade 3/4 English
Caldwell, Helene Grade 4 FI
Cameron, Carolyn Resource
Cobb, Mary Counsellor Website
Cochrane, Derek Music Teacher Website
Ewing, Angela Primary/1 English and Reading Recovery
Foster, Michelle Learning Centre
Fraser, Meredith Grade 1 FI
Fulton, Alexa Primary/1 English (60%) Website
Gardner, Deanna Grade 2/3 English
Graham, Louise Grade 5 FI Website
Gray, Emma ECE Pre Primary Support - Fort Sackville site
Hanley, Kayla Grade 4 FI
Henwood, Anna Grade 3/4 FI
Hiltz, Rhonda ECE Lead - Pre-Primary - Fort Sackville site-on leave until Nov
Hynes, Diedre Learning Support Teacher
Isenor, Kelly Grade 2/3 English
Jordan, Shawn .Core French
Kall, Carolann Music (Strings)
LeBlanc, James Band Teacher
LeVasseur, Kelly ALP (Early Literacy Support) / French Immersion
MacFarlane, Amy Grade 1/2 FI -On leave
McKee, Jennifer EAL Teacher
Morash-MacNeil, Virginia 50% Resource Eaglewood
Murray, Kathleen Grade 1 FI
Nobes, Allison Physical Education Teacher
Oswald, Diedra Grade 3/4 FI (On Leave until Nov 2022)
Piercey, Jeff 30% Physical Education Teacher
Richardson, Rebecca Grade 3 FI Website
Rohland, Suzanne Grade 5/6 FI
Romeo, Dominica Grade 1/2 FI
Shields, Margo Grade 1/2 Rm 105 On leave
Sutherland, Carly Grade 6 English Website
Verrall, Lisa Grade Primary FI
Vessey Macdonald, Julie Grade Primary FI
Woodbury, David Grade 4/5 English

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Alamoudi, Amani 80% EPA
Arab, Tom Caretaker Fort Sackville 902-832-8983
Cameron, Brett Assistant Lead - Schools Plus 902-832-8983 Website
Coldwell, Vijayashree Library Support Specialist Website
Crosby, Emily Community Outreach Worker and Schools Plus 902-832-8983 Website
Ettinger, Vicky EPA 80% 902-832-8983
Garcia, Zach Parent Navigator 902-464-2000
Glover, Vicki 80% EPA
Gorman, Stephanie SLP 902-832-8983
Haya, Jonalyn EPA
Hodgson, Shauna Custodian 832-8983
Kelly, Phalen Pre Primary lead until mid November
Lipa, Alexandia EPA
McLean, Susan 100% EPA
Partosa, Rodney Caretaker Eaglewood
Smith, Robyn HRCE School Social Worker 902-832-8983
Young Bragg, Stacy School Psychologist 902-832-8983


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
LeBlanc, James Grade 6 Band 9092-832-8983


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
MacDonald, Natalie Vice Principal 902-832-8983
Thompson, Carolyn Principal 902-832-8983
Weissent, Tricia 100% Administrative Assistant 902-832-8983