Sunnyside Elementary (Eaglewood Drive and Fort Sackville)

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Gallant, Christine Principal 902-832-8983
MacDonald, Natalie Vice Principal 902-832-8983
Harroun, Cindy Administrative Assistant 902-832-8983

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Abboud, Laura Three (FI) / Rm 203
Abboud, Yassamine Resource Teacher - 20%
Bennett-Chiasson, Tracy Two (FI) / Rm 104
Boudreau, Tina Six (FI) / Rm 200
Caldwell, Helene Four (FI) / Rm 206
Cameron, Carolyn Resource / Rm 102
Doucette, Laura Grade Six (Eng) / Rm 208
Dube, Stephanie 100% Learning Center / RM 102
Durnford, Jacqueline Music Teacher
Ewing, Angela Primary/One (Eng) / Rm 106
Fraser, Meredith One (FI) - Fort Sackville site
Fulton, Alexa 70% Three/Four (Eng) / Rm 205
Gardner, Deanna 50% Grade 2/3 Teacher - English - Rm 101
Gilks, Sarah Jane Grade 4/5 Teacher - English - Rm 207
Graham, Louise Five/Six (FI) / Rm 201 Website
Gray, Emma ECE Pre Primary Support - Fort Sackville site
Hanifen, Shawn 20% Physical Education Teacher
Hazel, Adele Primary (FI) - Fort Sackville site Website
Hiltz, Rhonda ECE Lead - Pre-Primary - Fort Sackville site
Isenor, Kelly 50% Grade 2/3 Teacher - English - Rm 101
Kelly, Hunter One (FI) - Fort Sackville site
MacDonald, Natalie 30% Three/Four (Eng) / Rm205
MacFarlane, Amy Two (FI) / Rm 105
MacKay, Kenneth Band Teacher
Mousseau, Jacalyn 80% Guidance
Murray, Kathleen Primary (FI) - Fort Sackville site Website
Myles, Kelsey Grade One FI - Fort Sackville Site
Nobes, Allison Physical Education Teacher
Richardson, Rebecca Three/Four (FI) / Rm 204 Website
Rohland, Suzanne Four/Five (FI) / Rm 202
Sequeira, Elizabeth Core French Teacher
Shields, Margo Two (FI) / Rm 105
Sutherland, Carly Resource and Learning Centre / Rm 102 Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boudreau, Michelle Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-832-8983
Clarke, Kevin Caretaker - Eaglewood
Cooper, Brenda 80% EPA
El-Khawli, Souzan 80% EPA
Gerrard, Nicole Reading Recovery Teacher 902-832-8983
LeVasseur, Kelly ALP (Early Literacy Support) / French Immersion 902-832-8983
Lycett, Tanya SLP 902-832-8983
MacGillivray, Amy School Pschyologist 902-832-8983
MacLean, Susan 100% EPA
McCallum, Maggie 80% EPA
McHugh, Ruth 80% EPA
Partosa, Rodney Night Custodian
Tacain, Virginia Library Support Specialist
Upshaw, Tyler School Social Worker 902-832-8983


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bartholomew, Maria Strings 902-832-8983